Start of Senior Year & New Electrical Lead of IRIS

This summer ended abruptly, but I am eager to get into things for my final year of undergraduate education. Equipped with new knowledge, increased ambition, and compounded enthusiasm for using my skills and abilities to their fullest I proceed intentionally into these next two semesters.

One very awesome opportunity I have been able to capitalize on is a leadership position in the Illinois Robotics in Space (IRIS) team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). IRIS is a team that competes in NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition.

After a successful interview process, I have been given the responsibilities of Electrical Team Lead. Not taken lightly, I am exceedingly excited to get more experience designing electrical systems while really leaving my mark.

Catapulting off my design experience at Alliant Techsystems Inc. and my testing/qualifications experience at UTC Aerospace Systems, I plan on establishing the following:

  • Solid documentation standards
  • Smooth design to manufacturing workflow
  • Integration and involvement of members of all skills and time-commitments
  • An increased Electrical and Computer Engineering member base
  • Reliable control systems for movement and robotic operations

Beyond the list above, my ambitions are to leave the team in a better state than I found it–it has always had some dedicated membership who worked incredibly hard to achieve the milestones they have in the past. With much to work off from, our leadership team as a whole is very optimistic for the best IRIS robot ever!