[Senior Design] Smart Patient Gown for Visual ECG Monitoring

The weekend before our design review looms, and we have some pretty exciting things in the works.

Mike Luka, Sid Muthal, and myself are creating a “Smart Patient Gown for Visual ECG Monitoring” (note that ECG and EKG are interchangeable). It will be a wearable gown that will have fiber optic filaments embedded in the fabric which will light up in various color patterns depending on what kind of ECG signal we are reading. The signal will also be transmitted via Bluetooth to a remote module that will output the analog ECG reading for remote monitoring.

The point of the gown is to improve nurse and doctor workflow by enabling them to see the status of a cardiac-patient visually from far away–say behind glass walls or the like–without needing to be in hearing or haptic range of the monitors in a patient’s room.

top level snip

There are a few block that we are creating to see this vision through for our senior design project:

1. Sensing block (electrodes and signal handling)

2. Processing block (interprets the data-stream and drives the visuals)

3. LED block (drives the visuals physically)

4. Display block (wireless display of the signal)

5. Power block (what powers it all up)