[Senior Design] PCB Assembly, Testing and Debugging

Here's a long-overdue progress update on our senior design project. A semester-end post will soon follow. Since the last post, a lot has happened: The PCB and parts came in... ...There was some soldering and assembly... We hacked together an alternative 3.5mm jack (which has since been glued in place), since the original part had … Continue reading [Senior Design] PCB Assembly, Testing and Debugging


[Senior Design] LED Test

For a moment, I forget all my high-power light related training and induce temporary blindness upon myself: This was during a quick set of tests to see the performance of our 3W RGB LED when driven under various voltages and currents. As the biggest consumer of power on our project, throttling the LEDs back is … Continue reading [Senior Design] LED Test

[Senior Design] Grant Money Awarded & PCB Ordered!

Senior design has been proceeding well! Here's a quick update: Note: I have not posted many design updates for the sake of protecting IP that has some solid market-potential. Mike Luka has been working on our Sensing block, testing that the op amps are giving the gain we want while not driving too much noise. … Continue reading [Senior Design] Grant Money Awarded & PCB Ordered!