West Europe 2015, Ep. 0: “Intro”

So you may have noticed that I went on a 6-week backpacking trip that started in Iceland and ended in Turkey. I was accompanied by my girlfriend, Kristin, and the two of us shot more than 4,000 pictures!

Just arrived in Reyjavik, Iceland

A lot of amazing things were witnessed–from someone in our hostel peeing on the floor to locals singing folk songs in a very heartwarming scene. I would like to share some of my experiences, to give some insights to how we did it and to record my thoughts while the trip is still fresh in my mind.

Istanbul, Turkey – Looking out to Constantinople (right) and Asia over the Bosphorus (middle)

My plan is to chronologically step through our trip, one location at a time posted every week. I will cover where we had lodging, what sights we saw, food and drink we consumed, and more.

For starters, check out my my new food-exclusive page, full of most of the pictures of food and drink we took.

If 65-year-old Raj is the only one who reads back on these posts, then it’s a success.


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