You’re always a student.

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Now that I am a recent grad working full time by day at Orbital ATK and by nights/weekends on my startup Corvae, I have realized that I took many resources I had access to as a student for granted.

These included but are not limited to:

I could contact companies for samples citing that I am a student, reach out to professors across the entire campus for aid, and be in close proximity to other students makers and tinkerers that had their own experience to share. I guess this is a good time to say that I miss those fellow students and friends.

Rane MSFT lunch pic.PNG
Lunch with cool people!

As a student I was able to come up with an idea, implement it in senior design, and get it funded via a student venture grant (more than once!). Now, I have to be extra resourceful or just pay for things myself.

Now that I am out, I plan on publishing a few technical posts to share some things that I have been learning to give back to the pool of resources I had access to. Who knows how comprehensive or helpful it really will be, or if anyone will find it useful. I do this to also document some of the steps I am taking in my personal growth, and what better way to do it than in a medium that could be useful to someone else?!

Ideas and/or upcoming resources:

  • Using an oscilloscope
    • Sampling modes
    • Sample interpolation
    • Using multiple scopes at the same time
    • 10x Probes vs 1x probes
    • Field effects probes
    • Triggering
    • Antenna affects on testing wires (eg. 60Hz noise)
    • Gating
    • Calibrating probes
  • Op-amps
    • Slew rate
    • Gain Bandwidth Product
    • Common circuits/configurations
  • Derating
  • Mu Metals

I don’t want to create some tutorial blog, or come up with content for the sake of the blog. Rather, I want to share what I have been learning (more advanced topics) or realizing I wish I already knew as a student (basic topics).

No promises on the timing of these, or if I will complete even the list above, but I’ll try! While you wait, check out my friend Brady’s blog. It will/does go into much better technical content.