2016 Time-lapse Reel

Enjoy this short video of short time-lapse photography I took throughout 2016:

I did not manage to capture time-lapses for every location I visited in 2016, but I did record some satisfying footage. Sorting through all of the media generated throughout 2016, this is my first attempt of editing something together into a digestible package.

This was my first experience with Adobe Premier Pro. It was certainly a gradual learning process, yet I was hooked as soon as I started. Started one Thursday evening, I did not sleep before needing to pack and depart for a early morning red-eye flight to NYC the next morning–only to have to come back and finish exporting after the weekend trip due to rendering issues (I flew out to NYC 7AM Friday morning and back Sunday night. Finished the export the next night).

Prem Pro (isn’t that what the cool kids call it?) is a neat tool with a lot of options. As soon as I learned what a keyframe was, I had a lot of fun trying to synchronize the flow of audio to a movement in video.


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