How to migrate from GitHub Pages to GitLab Pages

GitLab is on a roll. They are, and have been, gaining a lot of steam in winning over professionals and laymen alike (i.e. me). When I found my educational promotion on GitHub was about to expire, along with access to free private repos, I turned to GitLab. They are really trying to make you feel … Continue reading How to migrate from GitHub Pages to GitLab Pages

A Few Run-on Sentences

Poolside - Al Bustan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In 2017 I... ...traveled 57 days [all] out of state for 9 trips to 5 countries, 5 US states, and 5 weddings via 22 flights, 9 inter-state drives, 2 ferries, and over 25 Lyft/Uber rides. ...worked on 39 major tasks with Orbital ATK over 2027 hours through 215 days of which over 30% of were … Continue reading A Few Run-on Sentences

India 2016, Ep. 4: “Modern Mumbai”

Day 8: Today I woke in Delhi, had dosa for breakfast and my cousin took me to the airport. I observed some impressive highways along the way (having seen roads in Uttar Pradesh gives me a disproportionate appreciation for decent infrastructure). My airport experience was non-remarkable if not average, and I arrived in Mumbai easily … Continue reading India 2016, Ep. 4: “Modern Mumbai”