The Impact of Third Party Votes on CNN’s Key Races

I tried to ponder if I felt this were the case, but I wanted to at least crunch some rough numbers...


India 2016, Ep. 4: “Modern Mumbai”

Day 8: Today I woke in Delhi, had dosa for breakfast and my cousin took me to the airport. I observed some impressive highways along the way (having seen roads in Uttar Pradesh gives me a disproportionate appreciation for decent infrastructure). My airport experience was non-remarkable if not average, and I arrived in Mumbai easily … Continue reading India 2016, Ep. 4: “Modern Mumbai”

India 2016, Ep. 2: “Regal Jaipur”

Day 4: Woke, had breakfast, then departed for Jaipur. Visited Amer/Amber Fort--which was amazing, and saw Jal Mahal--a palace in a lake--from the coast. Checked into the hotel, freshened up a little, and will go out for sight seeing a bit and dinner. Researched a couple places not in the itinerary and asked my guide … Continue reading India 2016, Ep. 2: “Regal Jaipur”

India 2016, Ep. 1: “My Delhi Dive”

Day 1: (to be completed) Day 2: (to be completed) Day 3: Slept in; had masala omelet, toast and mango for breakfast, found my driver Vinati arranged after walking around the apartment building a couple times to find him at the adjacent building, visited Gurudwara Bangla Sahib which is a very fascinating Sikh temple, then … Continue reading India 2016, Ep. 1: “My Delhi Dive”