Google Maps Multi-modal Router

2016: [Github] This is an app written mostly in Python that leverages the Google Maps API to enable more nuanced transportation modes for travel. Currently, public transportation options require walking to/from a train/bus/etc. station.This is especially relevant in America, where wide expanses and suburban areas require car transit, but public transportation options are available closer…

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Illinois Robotics in Space (IRIS)

2015: [Facebook][Github][Website] Commitment to excellence is surprisingly easy to pass on when led by example with consistency. Our corroborated efforts led us to place 1st in the nation in Systems Engineering and 14th in functional performance in a field of 46 teams (Robotic Mining Competition 2015). After graduating and leaving the team to the next…

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Real-Time-DSP Frequency Visualizer

2014: [Github][YouTube] A project started and finished over the 36-hour 2014 HackIllinois weekend. It is a 128 LED multiplexed cube array that visualizes audio frequencies and their intensity via real-time digital signal processing. Mentioned on Rdio’s blog. Articles Involved: Arduino Mega Processing LEDs and appropriate current-limiting resistors Breadboard, wires, etc.

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Brick Breaker Clone (VHDL)

2013: [Github][YouTube] We designed a brick-breaker clone in VHDL that was implemented on an Altera Cyclone II FPGA. The game involved PS2 keyboard input that was processed and displayed on a VGA monitor. It involved a state-machine, memory for the keyboard input, and a color mapper to render visuals on the VGA display. This was…

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Arduino-Powered Autonomous Car

2011: [Github] For ECE 110, the very first Electrical and Computer Engineering course all EE’s take, we learned concepts and circuits that led to a final project: Infrared sensors enabled a small car to follow white tape on a black surface, with decision making at grey and white junctions. Our goal in this class is…

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