2011: [Github]

For ECE 110, the very first Electrical and Computer Engineering course all EE’s take, we learned concepts and circuits that led to a final project: Infrared sensors enabled a small car to follow white tape on a black surface, with decision making at grey and white junctions.


Our goal in this class is to electronically manipulate a motorized car to follow a white tape (taped on top of a black table) along smooth curves, zigzags, right turns, and straight lines. This car must also follow the right tape when passing over a grey colored split in the tape, and follow the left tape when passing over a white colored split in the tape. Finally, when the car reaches a large white block at the end of the track, the car must stop.


Unfortunately, I never took any pictures or videos of my work. Other student’s results can be found, however, here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ece+110+uiuc

My source code is on Github (link at top of webpage).


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