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Commitment to excellence is surprisingly easy to pass on when led by example with consistency. Our corroborated efforts led us to place 1st in the nation in Systems Engineering and 14th in functional performance in a field of 46 teams (Robotic Mining Competition 2015). After graduating and leaving the team to the next in line, they too achieved 1st in Systems Engineering!

Mentoring and designing with underclassmen is a rewarding experience. In my pursuit of technical and personal growth, I invested sweat and tears into the growth of this awesome technical student organization, Illinois Robotics in Space.

Here are some blog posts and captioned pictures of the journey:

Blog Posts:

2014-10-22: IRIS has its Preliminary Design Review

2014-09-07: Start of Senior Year & New Electrical Lead for IRIS


Below: Eventually I worked with the Electrical Engineering Department to get us our very own working and storage space in what is now the Open Lab in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building (Open Lab at ECEB).


Below: Critical Design Review (Dec 2014)


Below: Preliminary Design Review (Oct 2014)


Below: Start of fall 2014 semester tidying up of team storage (Aug 2014). This utility room behind an aging computer lab was our starting point…not as roomy as the Open Lab eh?

IRIS Storage




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