A Few Run-on Sentences

Poolside - Al Bustan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In 2017 I... ...traveled 57 days [all] out of state for 9 trips to 5 countries, 5 US states, and 5 weddings via 22 flights, 9 inter-state drives, 2 ferries, and over 25 Lyft/Uber rides. ...worked on 39 major tasks with Orbital ATK over 2027 hours through 215 days of which over 30% of were … Continue reading A Few Run-on Sentences


[Senior Design] Grant Money Awarded & PCB Ordered!

Senior design has been proceeding well! Here's a quick update: Note: I have not posted many design updates for the sake of protecting IP that has some solid market-potential. Mike Luka has been working on our Sensing block, testing that the op amps are giving the gain we want while not driving too much noise. … Continue reading [Senior Design] Grant Money Awarded & PCB Ordered!

IRIS has its Preliminary Design Review

It isn't pretty, but it's a preliminary CAD model of IRIS-V! This last weekend was a rush (and I am still working to keep up with everything). A night in Chicago for a concert (met my favorite indie electronic artist)--followed by IRIS' Preliminary Design Review (PDR)--leading to a two-day final-recruiting event in Indianapolis. Taking a … Continue reading IRIS has its Preliminary Design Review