A Few Run-on Sentences

Poolside - Al Bustan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In 2017 I…

traveled 57 days [all] out of state for 9 trips to 5 countries, 5 US states, and 5 weddings via 22 flights, 9 inter-state drives, 2 ferries, and over 25 Lyft/Uber rides.

worked on 39 major tasks with Orbital ATK over 2027 hours through 215 days of which over 30% of were 11+ hour days which entailed over 8,600 miles of regular commuting that were celebrated with 14 happy hours I organized for the new employee networking group. I also worked on 4 projects with Corvae LLC encompassing 4 states.

enjoyed 3 visits from out-of-state friends, watched 13 Vikings season wins, listened for 14,115 minutes to 2,670 songs across 11 genres, and consumed many great meals with friends and family.

Here is to 2018!


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